Portable Winch PCW3000-Li

Lithium-Ion battery-powered capstan winch for the Flexirohr pulling.
This light weigth winch is very usefull in situation where manholes are difficult to reach. Usually these are house connections lines / lateral connections.
Although it’s very light it has a pulling forge 1000kg. By using a pulley you are able to double the pulling force.
You can install de 90-200 without pulley and de 235-270 you have to use a pulley to get enough pulling force

Winch package includes:
– Portable winch PCW3000-Li
– 2 Batteries 82V/5Ah
– Battery charger
– Support rack for the winch
– 13mm rope 150m
– metal thimble



3 480,00  (VAT 0 %)

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