A challenging renovation project in Milan, Italy.

A 300 mm gravity sewer had to be rehabilitated by our customer company ROTECH. The problems in the host pipe: many bends up to 30 degrees, the bottom of the pipe in many places destroyed and a continuous waterleak in to the pipeline. Actually, it seemed that the river next to the worksite was leaking in from the holes in the host pipe! A CCTV inspection was not possible for the whole section due to the pipe condition.

After discussions with ROTECH and the end customer, trenchless sliplining with FLEXIROHR was chosen for the rehabilitation method. Open trench method could have been used only partially because the sewer line is situated along the foundation of the local Gorgonzola church. There were worries that digging would affect the stability of the church and its foundations.

Despite the challenges mentioned, Flexirohr was welded in the worksite and pulled in the host pipe in only 4 hours. By the end of the working day the pipe ends were sealed in the manholes and tightness test made. All this work took only a day and it was done completely without digging. A major part of the success was the help from our Matthias Fäller’s technical support in the worksite.

We thank ROTECH Srl for a great performance!

Church of Saints Martyrs Protasius and Gervasius
Flexirohr welding
Starting of the pulling in phase
Starting of the pulling in phase_
Naviglio Martesana river
Flexirohr pulling head + cone
Old concrete pipe, no bottom part
River was leaking to the wastewater line