A relining project in a nature reserve in Germany

A storm water network in Wuppertal had a lot of problems such as holes and roots. In certain parts the   pipe bottom did not exist anymore. The water authorities were looking for an environmentally friendly method that would not harm the fragile natural environment of the reserve. The demand was to use a method without emissions to the water or air. Furthermore, the method should not use any dangerous chemicals. The DIBt approved Flexirohr method was chosen also because of the results of the static calculation. Also the small size of the installation equipment was an advantage in the narrow alleys of the reserve.

A total of 1240 meters of DN 400 mm host pipe was relined with DN 270 mm Flexirohr by Rohrsanierung Jensen and Sanierungstechnik Dommel using the new Flexirohr installation equipment produced by Picote!

Read a detailed report of this project from the current issue of BI-Umweltbau magazine under the following link: